Unlocking markets to bring clean energy faster and more efficiently.

Majority owned by AG&P Group, GAS Entec is a world-leader in LNG terminals and technological solutions at the forefront of innovation in the energy industry. GAS Entec specializes in end-to-end LNG projects, including LNG-to-power projects, LNG bunker vessels, small-scale LNG floating terminals and LNGC-to-FSRU conversion projects, with 4 patents to its name.

Powering LNG ecosystems with innovative LNG products and world-class engineering team.

GAS Entec is a go-to for technology that modularizes and covers LNG regasification terminals and the various businesses that are part of a terminal’s ecosystem, such as break-bulking, LNG bunkering, container and tanker ship conversions to LNG as a dual fuel, among others.

GAS Entec has built some of the world’s ground-breaking floating LNG projects, including the world’s first small-scale floating regasification unit (FRU) installed at Benoa Port in Indonesia; the first LNG bunkering barge in the USA; the first modular floating LNG regasification terminal in Senegal, among others.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions with speed, economy and efficiency.

GAS Entec’s cutting-edge technology solution is central to AG&P’s scalable clean energy network. Our customized, practical, end-to-end LNG terminals and logistics solutions unlock markets, while promoting a sustainable and low-carbon environment.

Flexible. Standardized. Scalable.
From project feasibility to end-to-end engineering, our consulting and advisory services are designed to help you transition to cleaner fuels more efficiently.
We have a wide range of performance-oriented modular products to meet our clients’ diverse requirements in a reliable, safer and environmentally friendly way.
We offer end-to-end solutions by collaborating with strategic partners across the project value chain. We bring AG&P’s track record of project management, project development capabilities and the ability to source and close financings.
GAS Entec’s state-of-the-art R&D institute develops innovative and commercially viable technologies to help the maritime industry adopt greater safety, reliability, and operational efficiency in the energy value chain.
We offer a range of services to ensure process reliability, safe operations and increased efficiencies across the project lifecycle.
Unlocking markets with
advanced LNG technology.


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LNG-to-power project in the Philippines


Small-scale LNG-to-power project globally


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Market share for design and/or build of small-scale floating LNG terminals in Indonesia


LNGC-to-FSRU conversion projects globally

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