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  LNG Floating Storage & Regasification Unit (FSRU)
FSRU is an offshore structure which stores and re-gasifies LNG like an onshore LNG import terminal.  FSRU is mainly needed for small islands where terrain is tough to build a land terminal and where it is not so profitable to build one due to very low demand for building land terminal. GAS Entec is mainly targeting small scale FSRU which is needed for these small islands. Although the storage capacity and regasification capacity varies according to LNG demand, GAS Entec is an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) company which performs from design to construction of different FSRUs whose scales are shown in Table 1.  pic1_FSRU.png


< Table 1. Storage and Re-Gasification Capacity of LNG FSRU > 

< Drawing 1. Flow Process Diagram (sample) > 

Outline 3D Modeling Image
FSRU_Membrane.png FSRU_Type-C.png
 < FSRU with Membrane Storage Tank >  < FSRU with Type-C Storage Tank >
Mooring  Arrangement
< Mooring to Jetty > < Mooring at Wharf >